Monday, 28 February 2011

Back Back Back

Really should have pointed out that BB was out of action for the last week, apologies. The good news is that, with a fair few of the crew away on trips this month, there'll be some good stuff from some far-flung locations. First up, Duthie reports from Italy....

"Don't you just fuckin' hate snowboarders sometimes?"

This was said to me recently. And it didn't come from an old-school skier, nor a snow-hating curmudgeon like Patty.... It was a friend of mine who not only rides but is one of the most committed around, having devoted the best part of his life to coaching the sport. After spending last season in Meribel with the Jack Wills brigade, I was inclined to agree. A look at a random sample of people who snowboard (or say they do) could probably be summed up by that Chewin' The Fat sketch: "wank, wank, wank, good guy, wank".

I'm generalising of course, but if you agree and are ever looking for somewhere to escape all the bullshit that becomes ever more associated with our sport, then look no further than Bormio. In this corner of Italy, the sight of someone on a board is a rare thing, and those you do see aren't prone to any posturing.

Spot the boarder

So why so few of us? It's probably got something to do with the atrocious beginner's area, which has probably prevented any locals from ever getting past the falling leaf. From the vantage point of the chairlift that passes directly overhead, you find yourself watching the lessons from behind your fingers, horror-movie style. There's a massive crash every 2 minutes, without fail. As bad as the layout is, though, it's genuinely the only place where someone could even attempt to pick up the basics: the rest of the hill is pretty steep, with almost all the runs either classified as red or black. The only bits that aren't are the occasional narrow, tree-lined cat-tracks,which link the steeps together.
So the learners are pretty screwed, but for the rest of us it's all wide motorway piste which, depite the steep gradients, NEVER get moguls. Burning around a place like this with barely another soul around, every day in the sun, is not something that gets old.

Kyla hoons it down. Look closely for the ONE other guy on the piste with us

It's not just the runs that are quality: despite almost zero interest in freestyle from the locals (no tall-teed skiers either), someone had gone to all the bother of building a pretty good terrain park: on the left, a two-kicker line with two sizes of jump; on the right, beginner jumps and boxes and a (still unfinished) halfipe. Then it's down to a choice of battleship rail or two different barrel taps, then rainbow box and a wallride to finish.

Top jumps....

...bottom jumps...

...and the rest.

It's like a private park. In the whole time we were there, no-one else even went near the bigger line, with only a couple of the flamboyantly-uniformed instructors even braving the smallest of the four booters. After five days of lapping with no queues, it was an almighty pisser to see everything closed off due to high winds on the last day, focing us to scrap our filming plans:

So here's the only park footage from the week: 

That's enough for now, but there's so much more to love about Bormio. Driving past houses where horses live on the bottom floor, à la Borat; paying €1.50 for a coffee in the highest mountain restaurant; marvelling at the occasional Italian 'Berlusconi tan' and plastic surgery disaster, and much, much more. Sadly we missed the incident that would have been the icing on the cake: early one morning, a bull came stoming through the main ski area in a mad rage. While the skiers could push away with their poles, one boarder apparently had to unstrap and use his stick as a shield until the local farmers arrived with pitchforks and chased it away. Maybe that's why the locals don't snowboard.... Don't let that put any of you riders off a trip though: even if you end up being gored by a rampaging beast, a week in Bormio's well worth it.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

TURNING JAPANESE: hungover flatlight shred

This month the Niseko collective played host to Craig's brother Grant and his mate Duncan Watt. On their last day the GoPro came out, the result being this genius 2-minute edit of the morning after the night before....

Depite the damaged heeds and the sketchy conditions, the crew got some creat stuff in the can. As well as the first shred footage of Natalie Riley, there's an uber-tidy switch back 3 from Andy, while Rumbles gets all Jussi with a buttered take-off. All lovingly put together with some amusing captions by BP. Best one so far, no question. More please guys!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


A while back we put up shots of Barry and Lairdy sessioning the conveniently-placed stall feature outside their apartment in Niseko. Now here's the video, and it's a winner. Pretty much every stall variation you can think of, a few choice bails and one mincing dismount from Mr. Laird. Great to see the first footage of him over there, and from the looks of things he's in his element. Epic.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Fin's on the Radar

This weekend Fin Bremner's off to Tamworth for the second round of Quiksilver's Radar talent search.

Method in the madness, Garthdee. photo: Frazer Rennie

Wee Fin is one of only ten UK groms to make the cut, and will now be pitted against his fellow mini-shredders in a video contest. Once his effort is online he'll need public votes to progress to the March's final, so check back here for more info about how to support this local ripper.

Break a leg Finbar!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

ARCHIVES: Boarderline in Tignes, 2010

Been a quiet week for shredding, so here's a classic from last season. Emmet, Barry and Ben tear up Tignes, 2nd January 2010.

Friday, 4 February 2011

COMPETITION: Feb Followcam

Glenshee's terrain park is fully up and running, with the new Bawbreaker rails added last week. To celebrate we're offering one snowboarder the chance to win some swag by showing us their best top-to-bottom park run.
Entering is simple: All you need is followcam footage of one single run through the new Glenshee rail park. Grab a camera, grab a buddy and get shredding. Everything from HD to camera-phone footage is fine. The winner will get the choice of a pair of 2011 Anon Helix goggles or a 2011 R.E.D. Trace II helmet courtesy of Boarderline.


- Entries must include one (and only one) uncut run through the park, filmed in February 2011. Any other footage, intros, effects, slo-mos, music and titles can also be included, as long as you include that one-take followcam footage.
- Entries should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds in length.
- Entries will be primarily be judged on the run through the park, but there will be consideration for quality of filming, editing, and making us laugh.
- There is no limit to the number of eligible videos any one person can submit.
- All entries will be released online at the start of March, with a winner crowned shortly after.


1): put it on CD and post it to Boarderline, 15 McCombie's Court, Aberdeen AB10 1AW
2): drop it into the shop as a CD or USB
3): put it online and send the link to (make it a private vid if possible, or others will see your run and trump it!). All entries must be received by 1st March 2011.

Need inspiration? Take a look at this video, 1:55 onwards.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

WILL IT SHRED?: Annex pant

Natalie takes a break from non-stop pow riding to drop us a line about her breeks:

Special Blend say about the Annex pant.... '1. Wake up in them. 2. Ride in them. 3. Party in them. Repeat.' and you sure can do all that!! 1. Baggy, comfortable, all round nice fit making you have effortless steeze as you roll out of bed to catch first lifts after a late one the night before!! 2. Keep you warm and dry in gnarly conditions as tested out in the deep pow of Japow, keep you cool and breezy on those warm spring shred days with it's 4 air vents, yes 4!! 3. With a pop and lock hem adjuster it's quick and easy to roll up those hems so you don't trip up on the dance floor. Oh yeah and you'll hear the clatter of beer bottles that you've stuffed into the many pockets as you bring out the break dancing moves. These pants make you step yo game up dudes....

*Disclaimer* too much partying and the McGnarly pants come out to play making the wearer turn a bit gnarly and do crazy things like dive from a 2nd floor window into snow!! The Pilsner yellow of this catches everyones attention as you make your next gnarly move whether on the hill or in the bar.

Pick up a pair here.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Müller? Nope, Parker.

Feast your eyes on Craig's recent shots of his and Barry's adventures in the backcountry. We're still not over the sight of all that neige. Apparently it's been the snowiest January for five years. Jammy, jammy bastards....

 Also, here's a first look at Niseko's newest resident, Andy Laird. Here Lairdy and Barry hit up a sweet little stall feature, located just outside their apartment on the 2nd floor. Looks like frontside and backside disasters were the order of the day. Nice work dudes. Stay tuned for more from Andy and the rest of the crew.